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Policy & Procedure



The Catering Staff of Bon Appétit at Pacific thank you for your continued support!


To ensure successful events, we ask

that you take a moment to review the following policy and procedure.


Order Placement


Orders are placed online at or by contacting the Catering Department.


Orders should be placed as soon as you are aware of the event and

have made appropriate facility reservations. For events of more than

one hundred guests, please allow at minimum, two weeks advance

planning. For events of more than five hundred guests, please allow

at minimum, six weeks advance planning. For events greater than

1,000 guests, please consult with our offices.


We understand that due to the nature of University

business there may be a need for last minute order placement. In

this event, please contact the Catering Staff immediately. Late

orders are subject to a $25 late fee.


Orders of under $250 are subject to a $25 service delivery fee.


Please allow appropriate setup time when securing your facility reservations.

Please consult with our offices with any setup inquiries.


Catering Staff will make every effort to provide the exact product

ordered however, product availability or quality may affect this at

times. Catering Staff will notify the client in advance of necessary

menu substitutions when possible.


When placing a catering order, please provide an estimated guest

count reflecting a realistic guest count, service request order, layout,

and program details.


A final guest count should be confirmed three (3) business days

prior to your event. Catering Staff prepares an additional 5% to

accommodate additional guests when possible.


Final billing is based on the final guest count, or the actual number

of guests served, whichever is greater.


Catering Office hours of operation are Monday through Friday,

8:30am to 5:00pm.  Summer hours vary dependent upon University event needs.


Order Cancellation


Orders may be cancelled three (3) business days prior to the event

without cancellation fees.


Orders or menu items cancelled less than three (3) business days

before the event are subject to a $50 cancellation fee.


Orders cancelled within one (1) business day are subject to be billed

at the full amount.


Remaining Items


Due to health regulations, food and beverages may not be removed

from the event site. Bon Appétit Catering will not be held responsible

for food items removed without our knowledge and prior consent.




Submit the Service Request and room layout to the Catering

Office for to ensure timely setup and service. Additional charges will apply for redelivery of service should we arrive and a room is locked, occupied, or catering

tables are not available.


Order delivery and pickup times are noted on the order and will

occur as scheduled. Bon Appétit Catering does not have key access

to many rooms and buildings on campus. It is the client’s responsibility

to ensure the facility is unlocked for set up, delivery and pick up.

Should a room or equipment be unavailable when catering staff

arrives to deliver or pick up your service will return at the next available time slot and a redelivery fee will apply.


In the case of missing equipment, necessary charges may be added to your final bill.

Bon Appétit Catering is not responsible for client or guest items left

at events or on the buffet tables.


Room Set Up, Clean Up & Outdoor Locations


Bon Appétit Catering is not responsible for setup, reset or cleaning

University facilities. It is the responsibility of the client to arrange for

custodial services prior to and following the event. Catering will remove

food service equipment only. Catering does not supply trash bins or

recycling receptacles.  Contact Campus Facilities to arrange for recycling options.


University and student event room reservations and setup are coordinated

through the Office of Student Leadership at 209.946.2174 or by

contacting individual building managers, depending upon location.  Non Unversity client reservations are coordinated with Conference Services at 209.946.7743.


Catering will set up on the tables that are to be in place. Once set

up has been started, changes in set up location will result in a charge

of $25 if there is adequate time for catering staff to move the setup.


Specialty Linen and China Rentals


Bon Appétit Catering is able to coordinate or refer clients to vendors to

provide rentals of specialty linens, additional china, tables, chairs, and

any other rental items that we do not provide in house for our clients on

an event by event basis.


Clients may choose the rent items on their own however it is suggested you inform Bon Appétit of your selections.


We suggest that specialty linens be ordered a minimum of fourteen

(14) days in advance and are subject to availability from the vendors. Bon Appétit does not accept fiscal responsibility for client rentals.


Custom Menus, Special Services, & Special Guests


Clients may customize menus to accommodate individual style and

budget. Please allow catering one week to provide you with a cost

for a custom menu.


Catering Staff is able to assist you in the planning of your menu,

selection of the appropriate location, developing a theme, and ambience.


Special Diets and Children’s Meals


Special diets ranging from children’s meals, low sodium, low fat,

vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, and gluten friendly can be accommodated.

Please contact our office to discuss options.


Menu Tasting


Non standard menu items may be sampled to assist you in making

menu decisions. Menu tasting requests require at least one months

advance notice and will be coordinated with the Executive Chef’s

schedule. We ask that tastings be limited to two (2) representatives

from your event in order to facilitate decision making. Requests for

more than three entrees or more than one serving of an individual

entrée will be billed at the full menu price on the event bill.


Standard Linens


Bon Appétit provides all buffet linens for your event. Standard dining

linens are available in a variety of colors and sizes at the following costs.


Table linens for 60” and 72” round dining tables


Table linens for 6’ and 8’ rectangle dining tables—draped

to the floor


Table linens for 6’ and 8’ rectangle dining tables—12” drape


Linen napkins


A variety of specialty linens are available. Please consult with the

Catering Office for availability and pricing.


Standard Service   


Bon Appétit’s standard service include 100% compostable plates, utensils, napkins, & cups.  Please contact the Catering Department for additional options.


China Service


China Rental for Breaks and Receptions

$2.75 per person

Six inch plates and appropriate stainless steel cutlery

Glassware for cold beverages, cups and saucers for hot beverages

Disposable paper napkins


Casual China Rental for Buffets

$3.75 per person

China plates on the buffet table

Rolled linen napkins with stainless steel cutlery on the buffet

Cold beverage station with appropriate service ware

Hot beverage station with appropriate service ware


VIP China Service for Plated Meals

$4.25 per person

China plates on the buffet table

Full setup of cutlery, glassware, and service ware

Cold beverages served

Hot beverages served



Wine Glasses .50

Pilsner Glasses .50

Champagne Flutes .50

Water Glasses .55\0

Attendant Labor

$23 per attendant per hour, four hour minimum

Attendants are required for all hot food service (University Policy), for

events that require replenishment, and for all served meals.


Drop N’ Go Food Service No Attendants Needed for Events of Less

Than Forty (40) Guests


Receptions One Attendant per Forty (40) Guests


Buffet Menu– One Attendant per Forty (40) Guests

Paper/Plastic Service


Buffet Menu– One Attendant per Twenty-Five (25) Guests

China/Linen Service


Served Menu One Attendant per Sixteen (16) Guests


The length of time is dependent upon the timing of the event. Please

consult with the Catering Staff to determine the parameters of service



Chef Labor Charges

$100 per hour for each one hundred guests.


Multiple Entree Services

In the event that you would like to offer guests more than one entrée

selection, but nor more than three, please note that assigned seating

is the easiest and most accurate method for service. If you desire this

service, we recommend that each guest is assigned a place and a color

coded dot or stamp is placed on the card to indicate the guests’ entree

selection. A less accurate, but still effective, alternative is for each guest to be given a color coded ticket upon registration to indicate their entrée selection. The guest must place the ticket near their water glass to indicate the entrée selection to the wait staff. Please allow additional service time for multiple entrees.


Meals with Limited Time for Service

You should allow approximately one and one half hours for a full service

plated or buffet meal. If time is limited, due to a program, etc., we

recommend that the salad and/or dessert may be preset. Please consult

with Catering Staff to ensure awareness of time sensitive events when

planning your event.



Attendants are required at receptions when hot food is being served

and when cold food items will need to be replenished. An attendant

will maintain the appearance of the buffet tables and assist guests.

Attendants are required in all instances that food needs to be replenished.

If attendants have not been ordered, Catering Staff will consult with

you to make arrangements. If you would prefer to have tray passed

items, additional attendants may be necessary.


Bar Services

Hosted Bars

When you plan to host beverages, you will be billed for all beverages

consumed. Beverages provided by Bon Appetit include domestic, import, and microbrews, a variety wines, assorted sodas, and sparkling mineral water. Please consult Catering Staff for when planning your event for specific selections. Bartenders are required at an additional cost.


No Host Bars

When you plan to have guests purchase beverages this is a no host bar.

Certain minimums apply. Stand alone bar sales must exceed $300 or the event will realize a charge of $300. If sales exceed $300, no additional charges are required.



Per University policy, bartenders are required for all events where alcohol is

being served. Bon Appétit bartenders are available for hire at the rate

of $26 per hour with a four hour minimum.


Client Provides Wine and/or Beer

A Bartender fee applies when the client provides the alcohol. The Bartender fee includes bar set up with linen, ice, plastic or compostable tumblers, and napkins. Glassware is available at additional cost.


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